photography website" href="" class="alpha-scope-image">Light streaks of St Paul’s
Visualization of an interior project of a house in Izabelin
photography website" href="" class="alpha-scope-image">Photography – Arne Jacobsen – St Catherine’s College, Oxford
MTM Ariel – Details
Simon Migaj – Private portfolio
KT Interior visualization
Exterior fun
Showreel – teaser #1
Visualizations of an interior design in Milanówek
Exterior visualization in Saudi Arabia
Furniture design visualization
PressEnter Design wishes you a Merry Christmas 2012!
Arik Ben Simhon furniture 3d models
Residential building visualization
Interior visualizations Doskonaly 3
Interior visualizations of MTM Amarylis
Interior visualizations of MTM Teo
Interior project 80m2
MTM Piotrkowska Residence
Allcon Awiator
Tissu – house in Stara Wies
Modern interior visualization
MTM Andromeda
Bulevar Verde
Fabrizio furniture
Architecture project
Lechma catalog
3d test animation
GH House
Casa del atrio
Test animation HD720
Interior project „Na miarę”
Visualizations of a office building complex
Ptasia30: MPP Opole
100m2 loft
London Loft

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Arik ben Simhon Mickey Max 3d model for free!

Have to admit that the past couple of months have been really amazing; I just moved to London so yes, PressEnter Design is now London based and we’ve reached quite a goal. Our Facebook website has exceeded one thousand (yes, (…)

Free 3d models/Visualizations

PressEnter Design on Interior Design Served!

This was actually a very cool news for us. Our project, 80m2, has been featured on one of Behances „Served Sites”! How does this work? „Interior Design Served features top work in the interior design and interior architecture categories. The (…)

Interior design/Publication/Visualizations

Freebies: Northern Light Unika lamp

Hi guys!   A couple of days ago i made this model with all v-ray materials and thought that i should share it. Probably could have done it better, but it actually works pretty well in my scene, so maybe (…)

Free 3d models/Visualizations

Models & details for visualization #1

Hello!   With time and experience our visualizations are getting more and more details. In this little entry we’ve decided to collect some of the details modeled for our recent scenes.   In the pictures above you can see some (…)

Interior design/Visualizations

Viz-People Pets v1 cover

For the second time PressEnter Design workshop had the pleasure to share its visualization for the cover of another great Viz-People cut out pack. Viz People Pets v1 delivers 521 digital, high resolution images of Dogs, cats, birds and more. (…)


Freebies: Poliform Shanghai with a big THANKS!

Hi guys!   Today i’m giving away a free model of the Poliform Shanghai sofa to thank all of those, who helped us gather over 500 fans on our Facebook fanpage. The model was created for us by Marcin Slowiak, (…)

Free 3d models