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What's going on? - June 2016

Hi guys!


Every now and then I'll be publishing an entry like this, talking about all the CG related events, tutorials worth watching and general 3d news that might be useful to you, so keep an eye out, cause this might be a good one!


Ok, first thing's first there are a lot of great CG related meetups coming up in the next months and they are all fantastic.


You probably won't be able to make it to this one, cause it's this week and it's already sold out, but it should be a great one and I do hope that there will be some kind of footage or report available from it. It's the End User Event and I do have to say that the speakers that will be presenting are absolutely top notch! The event is taking place in the Netherlands, in a pub, which should make it even better. Have a look!

And check out the speakers right here. What a team:

The next event, happening in August in lovely Vienna, is the d2 Conferences and although I don't know much about it, I've heard good things and have noticed that it's becoming more and more popular. The speakers list is also quite impressive.

Third even of this year is probably my most favorite one and yes, I will be attending this year, same as I did last year. It's the State of Art Academy Day #7, which right now is most well known gathering of architectural visualisation related artists in Europe (ok, maybe it isn't, but I do think it is). This is an amazing chance to meetup with a lot of people that do what you do, have a chat with all your 3d heroes and learn a thing or two about how it's done. If you've never been before I do encourage you to go this year. The event will be happening in the Hilton Double Three hotel in Mogliano near Venice, which, if you'll be coming, you'll have a chance to visit with everyone during your stay there. Check out some of our photos from last year.

The event hits off on Friday, 7th of October and will host some of the worlds most well known names, as it usually does, so I do hope to see you there!


Ok, as far as great events go this is it for this year. Every month you can also find me at 3ds London, a fantastic tho bit local event held in one of the London pubs. Last month was really incredible with Corona Renderer related presentation and I'm sure next ones will be great as well, so if you're around do please drop by.

One last thing is that I'll try to mention some cool tutorials in these as well so for now I'm leaving you with this one, Forest Pack Effects. And if you're not using Forest Pack yet, shame on you!

In Forest Pack 5 we released a brand new feature called Forest Effects. This allows you to extend the existing features of Forest Pack by adding new functionality from a library, importing them from individual files, or creating your own using expressions. Forest Pack 5 also includes a number of examples of effects that could be useful for your work and can act springboard to help you to learn to write your own. In this introductory tutorial we'll focus on the former, and demonstrate how effects are imported and used, including an overview of the built in effects, how to run 3rd party effects and how to install effects files to the library for easy access and re-use. Also included in the download for this tutorial are 10 new effects. See the written version here:

Till the next one