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3ds London with Allegorithmic, Whitaker Studio and Thinkbox Software

As per usual every first Wednesday of the month is a great day for 3d in London as 3ds London becomes the place to be for 3d artists.


Last night was definitely no different as we had an incredible opportunity to see Whitaker Studio giving us a small insight into what they do and show us a breakdown of their project "Space baby", including some deep insights into their photography and Marvelous Designer workflow. Definitely a worth watch speech.


Straight after that Thinkbox Software gave us a quick rundown of their cloud services as well as what's happening with Deadline, a very interesting tool for managing your renders, which we had an opportunity to use before and we all really liked it!


The "main dish" of the evening was a presentation by Allegorithmic, talking about their product Substance, a truly amazing material editor that the game industry has been using for years, but is now slowly making its way into architectural visualisation. Substance is a particularly interesting product to PressEnter Design as it allows us to use one global material editor across V-Ray, Corona Renderer and Unreal at the same time, not to mention the quality of the materials you're able to create with it as well as all the perks of every single material being fully procedural. Really worth a look, if you still haven't.


Also it was yet again a great chance to catch up with people from all the best London studios like Recent Spaces, Hayes Davidson, The Boundary, AVR London and many more, so definitely the place to be if you're part of the 3d industry.

Big thank you goes out to Simon Moir, who's been organizing this even for over ten years! Hopefully we'll see you there next month!


Best regards

PD Team